SAP HANA (Large Instances) architecture
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Connect to SAP Azure
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AZURE Cloud Platforms and Containers as a Service for SAP HANA

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SAP on Azure

  • Full Subscription cloudbased software model

  • Digital Core Functionality of S/4HANA in a hybrid cloud environment

  • Flexibility,with choice of Hyperscaler 

  • SAP Cloud Platform, Integrate your cloud and on-premise applications

  • Built-in Safeguards, with 99.5% SLA 

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Azure and SAP 

Data Integration

  • Cloud based service with pay per use model

  • Easily create, schedule and monitor data pipelines

  • More than 70 data connectors to break down silos

  • Orchestrate data integration workflows wherever the data resides

  • Enterprise grade security

  • HIPAA/HITECH, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27018, and CSA STAR certifications

  • Multiple programming language support


High Availability for SAP HANA

On-Premises SAP Fiori interface

Azure high speed express route gateway connect to Azure Virtual Machines.

Primary and secondary blades are clustered at OS level for 99.99 percent availability

Replication in synchronous mode (HSR) from primary to secondary enabling zero RPO.

In-memory data of SAP HANA is persisted to high-performance NFS storage.

Large instance on DR side can be used for nonproduction to save costs by mounting both the QA storage and DR replicated volume

Single Application on One SAP HANA System (SCOS)

Multiple Applications on One SAP HANA System (MCOD)

Multiple SAP HANA Systems on One Host (MCOS)


SAP HANA Multitenant Database Containers

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