Architect SAP on Azure


HANA Sizing

SAP HANA sizing

  • SAP HANA has some very specific requirements regarding CPU, memory, networking, and storage

  • For green field implementations, SAP Quick Sizer is available to calculate memory requirements of the implementation of SAP software on top of HANA

  • Consider more cost-optimized solutions for at least some of your non-production

CPU and memory requirements

  • SAP HANA database sizing is primarily focused on the amount of memory required

  • Based on the required memory, customers can choose a certified platform to run the database workload in Azure

Application Type
Instance Type

SAP-certified Azure HANA large instances

  • VMs with up to 6 TB of memory imminently, and availability of VMs with 12 TB of memory 

  • Bare-metal Azure HANA Large instances using Intel Optane memory, including a 4-socket 9 TB instance and an 8-socket 18 TB instance

Network requirements

Client Zone:

Connects to database including the HTTP communication when using the SAP HANA XS engine


Internal Zone:

Internal communication between SAP HANA instances, for example in a System Replication scenario or in Scale-Out deployment

Storage Zone:

For accessing data and log files that are stored on SAN or NAS

The recommended configurations with Azure premium storage for production

Configuration for SAP /hana/data volume

Maximum burst throughput
Burst IOPS

Storage layout for virtual machines using Ultra SSDs

/hana /data volume (GB)
/hana /data throughput (Mbps)
/hana /data IOPS
/hana /log volume (GB)
/hana /log through- put (Mbps)
/hana /log IOPS

Storage requirements

For HANA VMs, you must build the SAP HANA storage configuration manually based on the four disk types available in Azure

Standard HDD:

A storage solution based on HDD disks, should not be used with SAP HANA

Standard SSD:

SSD disks, offers similar throughput as the Standard HDD storage, but improves the data access latency.

Not used for production HANA instances

Premium SSD:

A solution based on high performance SSD, and the recommended storage for M series and Mv2 series VMs when used for SAP HANA and combined with the Write Accelerator

Ultra SSD:

A solution based on ultra performance SSD, the only supported storage for Ev3 series VMs, and gradually being supported on M series and Mv2 series