Architect SAP on Azure


Monitoring | Performance

Monitoring and performance optimization​

The following data will be collected by a configured Azure Monitor for SAP Solution:


High-availability Pacemaker cluster telemetry:

Node, resource, and SBD device status

Pacemaker location constraints

Quorum votes and ring status

SAP HANA telemetry:

CPU, memory, disk, and network utilization

HANA System Replication (HSR)

HANA backup

HANA host status

Index server and Name server roles

Microsoft SQL server telemetry:

CPU, memory, disk utilization

Hostname, SQL Instance name, SAP System ID

Batch Requests, Compilations, and page Life Expectancy over time

Top 10 most expensive SQL statements over time

Top 12 largest table in the SAP system

Problems recorded in the SQL Server Error logs

Blocking processes and SQL Wait Statistics over time

An important factor for HANA workloads is the disk write speed, especially on the log volumes.