Architect SAP on Azure



High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Having SAP HANA as the database for SAP applications, high availability and disaster recovery is far more important than a normal database

SAP HANA high availability

Non production small HANA databases it will probably be sufficient to be on Azure VM auto-restart to provide HA for HANA VMs

To provide HA for SAP HANA scale up, the recommended solution from SAP is to use HANA System Replication (HSR) in synchronous mode

The solution supported in Azure effectively keeps two HANA instances in sync, with updates applied to the primary and the secondary at the same time and also allows rapid failover of the service in the event of a failure of the primary node

This topology supports one node in a scale-up configuration with one SID, with HANA System Replication to the DR site for a primary SID. In the diagram, only a single-SID system is depicted at the primary site, but multi-SID (MCOS) systems are supported as well

For HANA Scale-Out, there are two options for HA:

HANA host auto-failover using a standby node

HANA System Replication synchronous

HANA disaster recovery

Single node with DR using HSR

Scale-out with DR using storage replication