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HANA DB Backup

HANA DB Backups

There are a number of ways to back up a HANA database in Azure, using either Azure native tools or third-party backup products

HANA backup to a filesystem

The easiest backup solution to implement

The time required to execute the backup is directly influenced by the disk performance

Backup can later be replicated to Azure Blob storage for long-term retention using the AzCopy tool

Options to decrease the price of storing the backups in Azure Blob

Hot: For recent filesystem backup

Cool: Optimized for backup from previous days (short term backup)

Archive: Storing the backup for audit purposes

Azure Backup for SAP HANA

HANA to backup directly to Azure Backup using SAP HANA backint compatible interface


Only selected operating systems are supported

The backup works only for a single instance SAP HANA (no scale-out deployments)

Multiple SAP HANA instances on the same VM are not supported

Full and differential backups are supported, but not incremental

Does not support HANA multi-streaming data backups


HANA backup using filesystem snapshot

Quickest way to backup a HANA database is to perform a filesystem snapshot

Snapshot backup cannot guarantee the data consistency

Linux VMs do not support the VSS technology, and therefore additional preparation is required to create an application consistent snapshot

This is especially important when the SAP HANA files are distributed to multiple disks using LVM

Overall process is as follows:

Execute the SAP HANA snapshot preparation

Freeze the filesystem

Create a disk snapshot in Azure

Unfreeze the filesystem

Confirm the SAP HANA snapshot

HANA Backup using third-party tools

Third party backup solutions in Azure is provided by Commvault

The backup is streamed directly to the centralized MediaAgent and stored in Azure Blob storage

The deduplication feature identifies and eliminates redundant data in the backup, thereby reducing not only the volume
of data stored in the cloud, but also the bandwidth required for data transfer

Commvault also manages the filesystem snapshot process

Supports non-SAP workloads, and therefore can act as the primary backup tool to protect your entire Azure environment

Backup to filesystem
Azure Backup for SAP HANA
Backup using filesystem snapshot
Third-party tools